2018 Voluntary Teaching for China

2018 marks the 8th year of Voluntary Teaching for China. This year, volunteers were split into two teaching groups, one led by Kevin Wei, one led by Cecilia Xu.

Group 1, led by Kevin Wei (back row; 1st from the left), volunteered in Ming Xing School (名星学校) in Shanxi, China.
Group 2, led by Cecilia Xu (6th from the left), volunteered in Wu Chuan High School (贵州务川中学) in Guizhou, China.

Group 1 had 15 members, with 8 returning members and 7 new members. They taught Grades 1 through 9, with an average of 4 teaching hours per day.

Group 2 had 9 members, with 7 returning members and 2 new members. They taught Grades 8 through 12, with an average of 8 teaching hours per day.

(Read more about the 2018 VTC Members here)


After teaching for one week, the two groups converged in Beijing to put together two string concerts for audiences in town.

First concert in Beijing

The first concert was held in Beijing Senior Home on March 29, 2018. In between songs, members also gave individual speeches in reflection of their teaching experiences.

Second concert in Beijing.

The second concert was held in Beijing Puppet Theatre (北京木偶剧场) on March 31, 2018. The performance was joined by student violinists from Beijing Blue Sky Elementary School (北京蓝天学校), a former participant school in 2010 VTC. Under the generous donation of 20 violins from Cecilia & Kevin’s Music Studio, the school now has a solid music program teaching students the joy of music.

On April 1, 2018, the 8th Voluntary Teaching for China came to a successful ending.


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