2018 marks the 9th year of VVTC. This year, volunteers will be teaching in Wu Chuan High School (贵州务川中学) in Guizhou, China. This trip will be led by Kevin and Cecilia.

Pre-trip preparation are currently under way.


  • December 2018: Consolidation of 2019 VVTC team. Team meeting starts; lesson planning starts.
  • January 2019: Volunteer training continues; preparation for VVTC concert begins.
  • February: VVTC concert
  • March: VVTC trip
  • April: Post-trip reflections

Major Project for VVTC 2019:

Thousand Wishes Project 

VTC2019 Poster

for more information, visit https://voluntaryteachingforchina.com/thousand-wishes-project/ 

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