About VTC

Vancouver’s Voluntary Teaching for China is an international program for young adults founded by Cecilia and Kevin’s Music Studio. Each year, young volunteers travel to China to teach English and Music to children in rural areas. Volunteers register for this program by December each year, training and preparation takes place throughout January and February and volunteering begins in March.

The essence of the program is to expose young adults to the experiences of work and a different lifestyle, to offer them an opportunity to develop planning, organizing, and leadership skills, and feel what it’s like to be respected and responsible.

At the same time, we also hope that our efforts would help improve the education of children in rural areas of China and open their eyes to the diversity of the world they live in.

The Vancouver’s Voluntary Teaching for China has one main goal: To foster one generation, to train one generation, and to assemble one generation. Through education people should not only gain on knowledge but should also learn how to accomplish a task and communicate with and contribute to the society we live in. Young people will need to go through many meaningful experiences through their progress to adulthood; From these experiences, they can gain a better understanding of the world and start to take on certain responsibilities, for ourselves, our family, or our society. A true working experience stimulates us to think about our next steps in life. Only when we experience life ourselves do we realize it’s true meaning.

VTC also works closely with Vanstring Chamber Music Group to bring music performances to audiences in China.

温哥华志教中国是由温哥华最大弦乐音乐学院 Cecilia & Kevin Music Conservatory 和贺海洋先生共同发起的一项国际义工项目。成立于2009年。目的是:培养一代人、凝聚一代人,携手走向更美好的明天。

每年春假由Kevin 老师亲自带队,率领加拿大九年级至十二年级中学生回到中国的农民工子弟学校或偏远山区去义务教授英文、音乐等科目。每年十月底截至报名,一月至三月间做Leadership和教学的培训,三月份正式回囯工作。先后曾在北京蓝天丰苑民工子弟工学校和山西名星中学工作。





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