Cecilia & Kevin Music Conservatory

Cecilia & Kevin’s Music Conservatory was founded by Kevin Wei and Cecilia Xu in 2005. They offer violin, cello, and piano lessons for all age groups.

The couple both graduated from music academies in mainland China, and pursued professional music careers in China until they immigrated to Canada and founded their own music studio. In 2010, Cecilia and Kevin collaborated with Mr. He Hai Yang to create “Vancouver’s Voluntary Teaching for China“. In 2011, the music studio initiated “Vanstring” chamber music group. Membership for both organizations are currently restricted to internal applications only.

Students under Cecilia & Kevin’s tutelage have gained high honours such as placing first in the highly competitive national CMC (Canadian Music Competition), multiple wins in VYSO’s annual concerto competitions, and countless gold in provincial Kiwanis Festivals.

Alumnus of Cecilia & Kevin’s Music Studio have also achieved academic excellence by attending Ivy League Universities such as Stanford, Chicago U, Berkeley; and many went onto Canadian top institutions such as University of Toronto and UBC.

Currently, the studio has 3 violin teachers, 2 piano teachers, and 2 cello teachers. There are currently over 100 students studying music at the studio.

Cecilia & Kevin’s Music Studio is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

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