Dennis Zhao

  • Attends Greater Vancouver’s Top Co-ed Private School: Southridge Secondary
  • RCM Piano Grade 10 Diploma
  • RCM Cello Grade 10 Diploma 
  • Vanstring 2017-2018
  • VTC 2017-2018 
  • Extracurricular include basketball and tennis
  • 温哥华最大的合作私立学校
  • 钢琴十,大提琴十
  • 擅长网球,篮球
  • Vanstring成员

“this year I felt more prepared and more mature”

“Second year – a big difference from my first experience at VTC. I arrived at Mingxing School once again during spring break, hoping to teach yet another promising class of 50 students. During my first year, I would have been nervously rehearsing my lines and curiously peeking in my class. However, this year I felt more prepared and more mature. I came into my class, introduced myself, and reviewed all the units that they had learned before. Every day, I walked in with the anticipation of seeing the students. Every day, my students would walk in and smile saying “Good morning teacher!”

When we reached the end of the trip, I felt uneasy and unsettled. I wish I had more interactions and more knowledge to teach them. As we left the mountains, I still remember constantly looking back up to the school and reading the letters my students wrote to me. Dear my grade eight class, in my heart, I will think about each and every single one of you every day, so please do not forget me because I will be working hard with all of you on the other side of the world.”

-Dennis, VTC2018

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