Henry Luo

  • Grade 10 at Winston Churchill Secondary School
    • International Baccalaureate Programme
  • RCM Violin Grade 10 Diploma
  • Vanstring 2016-2018
  • VTC member 2018
  • Play soccer competitively for school
  • Extracurricular includes soccer, life guard, and professional yo-yo.


“I learned to value simple things; things that we often take for granted.”

“On the mountains, I have experienced something phenomenal, a feeling that I have never confronted before. This feeling, when you are facing 30 children, waiting for your commencement, anticipating your brilliance, is quite intimidating. However frightened, I kept it to myself and proceed with my lesson. Remarkably I managed to do this everyday while on the mountains, no matter the discrepancy in age nor the few antiphons of my students.

Nevertheless, I don’t regret doing it. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the feeling of being challenged. I cherished the chance to be able to help them. I loved every part of it. This is truly an eye opener. The experience has changed me as a person; the perception of time has changed. I learned to value simple things; things that we often take for granted.
Not enough words can express my gratitude towards the people and things of the mountains, it has left a permanent mark in my life for which I will savor forever.”

-Henry, VTC2018

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