Raymond Liu


  • Grade 11 at Richmond Secondary School
    • Honours Student
  • RCM Violin ARCT Diploma
  • RCM Piano Grade 8 Diploma
  • Vanstring since 2015-2018
    • 2018 Concertmaster
  • VTC since 2016-2018
  • Participated in various Math competitions
  • Extracurricular includes dragon boat, computer coding, and reading.

“I hope that no matter how small, I made a difference in their lives.”

“As someone who had already participated in 2 years of VTC, I was under the impression that I had gained, learned, and felt everything there was to experience already. I had a good time teaching in those 2 years, and I considered this year as the cherry on top of the cake, a way to wrap up my VTC experience in a fun but safe way. However, I could not have been more wrong, and it was because of the students. They were very engaged, lively, and willing to ask questions and hold meaningful conversations with us. This was especially shown during an activity that I did with every class, where I asked the students about their dream. I received many interesting and eye-opening responses to that question, some of which I did not expect at all. One person wanted to fight for women’s rights and work in the United Nations to represent China in the crusade for gender equality. Another desired to become a vlogger and travel around the world, sharing her experiences to whoever is interested. A particularly creative individual was extremely interested in the world of jazz, and wanted to be a jazz singer among the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. These responses opened my eyes to the diversity the students were exposed to and how they all had their hopes and dreams they wanted to fulfill.

Overall, this year’s VTC experience was an extremely successful one and I learned so much from all the students there. Although I do not know if I will be going back for next year, I sincerely hope the best for each and every one of the students, and I hope that no matter how small, I made a difference in their lives.”

– Raymond, VTC2018

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