Serena Chen

  • Vancouver Private School: Crofton House School Grade 10
  • RCM Level 10 Cello
  • RCM Level 8 Piano
  • Model United Nations member
  • Vanstrings member
  • Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra VYSO member
  • BC Children’s Hospital Youth Ambassador Program member
  • Dance, Ballet, Basketball, Speech arts
  • 温哥华Crofton House School 10年级全优生
  • 大提琴RCM10级
  • 钢琴RCM8级
  • 模拟联合国成员
  • Vanstrings成员
  • VYSO 温哥华少年交响乐团成员
  • BC省儿童医院 Youth Ambassador Program成员
  • 跳舞,芭蕾舞,篮球,演讲

“It was eye opening to see what life is like for the kids on the mountain and to see how different their culture and lifestyle is”

“In the few moments before I walked into my classroom for the first time, worries spun through my head. I was terrified that I was incompetent and wouldn’t be able to teach my class well. Especially as someone who is not fluent in Chinese, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to communicate well with the students in my class. I walked into the grade seven classroom, heart in my throat, and looked around at the 45 expectant faces glancing up at me. I tentatively introduced myself to the class, hearing their loud whispers and seeing their judging stares as I struggled to introduce myself in Chinese. My heart dropped as I left, and I promised myself that the next day would be better. From that day on, each class only got better and better. I watched as the students’ initial disapproval of me turn into respect and admiration. Although it was challenging at times because of the language barrier, I still managed to create lasting bonds with all of the students. On the last day, my students gave me handmade letters and gifts. Many of them tried to write their letters in English as they knew I couldn’t read Chinese well, and these small actions touched my heart. Even though I didn’t seem appreciative when accepting their gifts, I burst into tears after I left. This eight-day trip felt as if it flew by in only two days. Although I went to Mingxing school to teach the children there, I’ve learned so much myself. I’ve learned persistence, gratefulness, and so much more. It was eye opening to see what life is like for the kids on the mountain and to see how different their culture and lifestyle is. I had an amazing experience and created unforgettable memories with not only the students but also the other VTC members, and I am so thankful that I was able to attend this year.” – Serena, 2018 VTC


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