Thousand Wishes Project

“1000 Backpacks, 1000 Textbooks, 1000 Wishes”

Thousands of children in rural China are unable to seek a higher education after middle school. For these children, why pursue education when they could start work in the fields and save their family thousands of dollars in tuition fees? Education for them means money taken out of the hard-earned savings of their parent’s pockets. In many cases, they are dissuaded from seeking higher education simply because they do not have the financial means, but instead pushed into work to support their family.

This discontinuation of education is especially prevalent in Guizhou. As one of China’s largest provinces, it is also the poorest. Due to its mountainous features, fertile land for cultivation is scarce, making agricultural produce extremely hard to export. Without a developed economy, there’s no money trickling into the province.

So it is no wonder children choose to forfeit education in order to fill their bellies. “If I don’t go to school, my family can have more to eat tonight.” That is their train of thought.

Moreover, the province does not have money to invest into education. There is no money for school supplies, there is no money to purchase textbooks for school. Thousands of children lack the adequate school supplies needed for a successful education.

We want to change this.

We want these children to realize the importance of education, that there is a life outside of their farms and fields, that the horizon stretches endlessly outside of these mountains.

We want to tell them that there is hope: hope to achieve their dreams, hope to expand their world into something bigger than they’d ever imagined.

With 1000 backpacks, we want them to carry their hopes over the mountains.

With 1000 textbooks, we want them to believe in the power of education.

With 1000 wishes, we want them to look up at the stars and place their wish in starlights.

With only $15, you can realize a child’s dream.



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