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Vancouver’s Voluntary Teaching for China is an international program for young adults founded by Cecilia and Kevin’s Music Studio. Each year, young volunteers travel to China to teach English and Music to children in rural areas. Volunteers register for this program by December each year, training and preparation takes place throughout January and February and volunteering begins in March. The essence of the program is to expose young adults to the experiences of work and a different lifestyle, to offer them an opportunity to develop planning, organizing, and leadership skills, and feel what it’s like to be respected and responsible. At the same time, we also hope that our efforts would help improve the education of children in rural areas of China and open their eyes to the diversity of the world they live in.

温哥华志愿者志教中国是由Cecilia & Kevin Music Studio 发起的一项国际义工项目。每年假期年轻的志愿者们将回到中国的民办学校或偏远山区的学校去做义务教授英文、音乐等科目的工作。每年九、十月份报名,一、二月份做培训以及准备工作,三月开展义工活动。宗旨是让年轻人通过一系列的组织工作,在真正的工作中得到能力的锻炼和提高,在两种不同的生活方式中去体会和认识,感受到被尊重、被需要等自我价值的体验,去促进年轻人的成长和成熟。同时,也尽我们的微薄力量,让中国内地和社会底层的孩子们有一个学习和碰撞到加拿大先进的文化教育的面对面的交流机会。

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